Everything I write is a true story, except for the parts I make up

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A Heart Lies Within Us - An epic love story weaving life through American history 1918 through prohibition, WWII, and beyond telling the journey of Lucas Colby and his discovery of lies and true love. Through an engaging storytelling voice brimming with both life experience and pathos, Steven reflects his character's soul. Raised on lies and deception, Lucas discovers his heart has deceived him. After killing the man that created his misfortune, he becomes the man he believes he should be but fails to learn his lesson. He loses everything including his only true love. Will he surrender his heart, accept the imperfections of life and truth, and discover that giving of yourself entirely to another uncovers true love? This is a real to life narrative of human frailty, and forgiveness because even when the heart lies within us, true love can win.

Nothing lies more than your heart, nothing destroys you faster than love