"Superb storytelling with characters I got to know and care about!" Susan Slater - Author

"Great story. I love your work" Sam Keen - Author

"Cold Water Creek is gripping and difficult to put down. Jeanne Kraus - Author

"A great jigsaw puzzle of a mystery with lyrical descriptions and memorable writing, a page turner that will leave you wanting more. Highly recommended." Clifford Thurlow - Author

"One of the most innovative mysteries in recent memory." - The Wall Street Journal

"... unique and absorbing" - Publishers Weekly

". . . A gripping story that grabs you from the start and keeps you guessing until the end. Can't wait to read more for this author. - Amy Mitropoulos - Podcaster

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Editorial Reviews

Everything I Write Is True - Except For The Parts I Make Up

"The characters and scenes are well written."

Jeff Shaw - author of Lieutenant Trufant and the Bloodline series.

Steven first published short stories about life adventures through a national magazine. A Miami native who was always curious, he's explored careers in newspapers, law enforcement, healthcare, and technology. Eventually, he pursued writing full time and left his corporate job. Through those experiences, he creates stories of love, mystery, human frailty, and the reality of truth. Through imperfect and honest characters, he crafts a fictional journey that mirrors human nature. He loves to keep you on the edge of your seat with twists and turns served with love and compassion. Apart from his short stories, Steven released two novels narrated through an engaging voice, drawing from his own life and emotions. Life keeps him near the Atlantic Ocean in Northeast Florida.

A mesmerizing look at one man's fall from grace and the age-old struggle for redemption. This tender story is for any of us who have fallen and found the only way up is by reaching out a hand to others.

What does the Florida Writer’s Association say about COLD WATER CREEK?

An intriguing, well-written novel with action, mystery, crime, and supernatural elements.

A creative work with interesting characters with intriguing histories and roles.

This new writer ties all the elements together as it works up to the exciting final revelation.